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Magenta breaks into the frozen beef & poultry segment with the launch of RAYAN
April 2021

RAYAN ( ريان‎) in Arabic means ‘heavenly gate’. Delicious frozen convenience awaits food lovers across the UAE - Packed in vibrant colors to bring joy the moment you see RAYAN goodies on freezer shelves near you. Whether you fry, bake or microwave, make each of your meals memorable with ‘RAYAN’. For beef, mutton and chicken lovers of all ages, our wide range of frozen cooked and ready to cook products provide something special for every taste palate - A flavorfully rich and fulfilling food experience unlike ever before! Be it nuggets, burgers, strips, kebabs or samosas, the convenience and taste offered by RAYAN ensures there is no longer a need to stress over tedious meal preparations for gourmet chefs and home cooks alike!

Magenta ushers in a new era with the launch of MAGENTA GROUP – A 360 Degree Corporate Rebrand
August 2020

At Magenta, our vision to stay ahead of the competition stems from our culture of inspiring our corporate family to take risks and foster strong collaboration. MAGENTA GROUP brings all these corporate values under one roof and truly empowers our people to do what is needed to make our products and processes an INSPIRATION for the entire food industry. A 360 degree corporate rebrand project supported with an all new company logo, website and cultural shift, is exactly what we needed to uplift our image as a leading player in the GCC market. We DARE TO LEAP and tend to DISRUPT EVERYTHING to get our mission heard.

Delsea Organic Smoked Salmon hits shelves in Dubai
July 2020

Eating healthy is the new norm and our brand Delsea understands the changing trends in the food industry. Using our ancient cold smoking technique, we combine tradition with modern consumer needs to create the ultimate Smoked Organic Salmon guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Our 100g pack of smoked organic salmon comes with thin succulent slices of ready to eat salmon that can be added to your healthy regime and support your dietary requirements.

Launch of Delsea Marinated delicacies for home chefs
May 2020

Keeping in line with our goal of INSPIRING A FOOD LIFESTYLE, our flagship seafood brand now offers a mouthwatering ready to cook range of retail products for seafood lovers across the UAE. With flavors ranging from Lemon & Pepper to Tikka Masala, Delsea has something for every taste palate! Enjoy Salmon, Nile Perch, Black Cod, White Fish and Sea Bass in a variety of new ways with our latest marinated range now available across supermarkets in Dubai and beyond!